Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giveaway Winner and BadAss Polish Review!

Congratulations to Krystal over at Nailtastic Fun for winning my blog design giveaway. Everyone make sure to go check her out and keep an eye out for the blog redesign coming her way!

In other news my wonderful friend Amy at Polish and Such (who's blog I recently redesigned) swapped me some of her awesome indie polish, BadAss Polish, and I am doing a nice little review because guess what, I LOVE them! She was recently featured on her local news station, you can check that video out below!

So you can find BadAss Polish on Etsy and she also has a Facebook page that I highly recommend you go like so you can stay on top of the new polish as she releases it! The 3 polishes Amy sent me were "America's Team" (for those of you who dont know I live in Dallas and have been raised to be a hardcore Cowboys fan since birth!), "Dusk" and "Bling". Her polish comes in a nice square bottle (great news for those of you who use hemlers!) and has a brush thats a pretty nice length for holding, but short enough its easy to work with! I did several different kinds of swatching for you guys, showing  the different opacities with coats, and how they hold up over different colors of polish!

(Proof I grew up rooting for the boys in blue!)

 The polishes ship in a nifty little tube wrapped up with a piece of felt for handy glitter removal. More polish companies should really look towards shipping polishes like this since I feel like its a almost fool proof way to ship polish in with the sturdy tubes protecting them.

The first polish "America's Team" is a clear base with a lot of silver glitter and blue stars scattered throughout. The polish was thick but not so thick it was impossible to apply. The good part of that was it was really easy to pick up the blue stars, most polishes leave you digging to pick up the special glitter.

Here is the polish with 1, 2, and 3 coats in order. You can tell even without the flash this is one glittery, pretty polish.

The second polish is called "Bling" and let me tell you, it lives up to its name. The story behind the name is super cute. The formula again, thick but not too thick, perfect application. Its a clear base with a mix of gold and silver glitter, with pieces of bigger gold glitter in the mix. I swear, I felt like I dipped my finger into a pot of wonderful crunchy gold. Love it, love sparkle, love Bling!

Here is the polish with 1, 2, and 3 coats in order. It is the definition of glitter bomb, and in the greatest way I could ever use the word.

The last polish was "Dusk" and if I could marry a polish, I would. Now I do not own the OPI Alice polish, but from other bloggers who have both Alice and Dusk, and from swatches Ive seen online of Alice, this is a hell of a close dupe and a great shot for a indie polish! Buying this has a 99.9999% effectiveness rate of curing your lemming for Alice. Like all the others, its very thick, its not as opaque as I would like for the thickness of it after one coat. One coat over a dark blue, or two coats is more than enough as you can see in the photo 3 coats is very much so overkill, but i was paying attention as i swatched haha!

Here is the polish with 1, 2, and 3 coats in order. 2 coats seems to be the magic number for this jelly.

The three polishes I used for base coat swatching were Orly Luxe, Essie Butler Please, and Julep Viola.

Over Orly Luxe from L-R: Bling, Dusk, Americas Team.

 Over Essie Butler Please from L-R: Bling, Dusk, Americas Team.

Over Julep Viola from L-R: Bling, Dusk, Americas Team.

And here is the full spectrum of swatching!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog Design Giveaway!

Hey guys! Im going to be giving a blog design away to one of my followers. The rules are pretty simple, facebook, blogger, and youtube following is mandatory and you have the option everyday to come back and participate in different activities for more points!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Mani with Orly and Mixing!

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in nail world! i decided to kick off the holiday season with a holly berry mani. My hands were a bit shakey so they look more like mutated strawberries than holly berries, but hey, its the thought that counts right? Haha.

So I started off with Orly Ingenue on all my fingers, except I did Luxe on my ring finger on both hands. Then I mixed together NOPI Make Mine Lime, and Butter London's Wallis to make a nice hunter green color.

Then I used a stippling tool to get the leaves on my ring finger.

Then I mixed Orly Emberstone with BL Pillar Box Red to get a nice rich shimmery red.

Then I put that on with the stippling tool as well.

So here is a line up of 4 of the 6 polishes I used for this mani!

And here is the end result after clean up!

Im wishing everyone a happy holidays! Stay safe!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sally's Haul and Orly Swatches!

So I stopped by my local Sally's today in the ghetto to brave it out for the B2G1 for Orly at Sally's and left with more than I needed for sure haha. I was out for an Orly white but they sadly didnt have the one I wanted (all they had in white was the french collection) and I picked up a few other things too. I got Orly's Rage, Ingenue, and Fowl Play. Also I got a little Sally Girl glitter that doesn't have a name on it! The lighting isn't the best with it already being dark out but when I wear it I'll be sure to grab better swatches!

From L-R: Sally Girl, Ingenue, Fowl Play, and Rage.

The Sally Girl was a glitter. The swatch shows the effort after about two coats. its definitely a layering polish, trying to get it opaque would take up half the tiny bottle. Its mostly purple flitter, with some teal blue scattered throughout. It grabbed my eye because I have a lot of polishes I could see myself layering it over and it hits the light really well.

Ingenue is a rose gold shimmer glitter sort of chromatic. It reminds me of some of the stuff I've seen in the SOPI collection. Its not unique, I've seen a lot of it everywhere this winter, but I love the Orly formula and brush and how it applies. So I picked this one up. A bit sheer, it took me 3 coats to get that swatch but in the end a very pretty color.

Fowl Play is sort of a sheer purple jelly base with assorted sized pinkygold flakie glitter throughout it. It would look pretty over another color, but the flakies are too sheer for me. In the bottle the glitter is very present but it doesnt show well in the swatch, even in person. I was a bit disappointed in it, but its still pretty nonetheless, the swatch took me about 3 coats but it has a long dry time.

Rage is another glitter chromatic, straight up gold. A true gold unlike Luxe (which is sort of a champagne) and pretty opaque, the swatch only took two coats. It was still pretty opaque even with one coat. Its close to a one coater but polishes rarely are. Its pretty much the same as Ingenue except its gold. Again you can find this anywhere from SOPI to Essie, etc. But like I said I just love orly so I had to get it!

There is the rest of my Sally's haul. I got some swatch wheels. Im debating going through and swatching my entire collection (Its not that big persay but still would be an undertaking since I would have to swatch, put it in my excel doc, then move on). Orly thinner, IMN Northern Lights and the Out The Door topcoat, ION deep conditioner, and the ORLY Primetime. The ORLY primetime was reduced to 3.99 so i grabbed it. Its a no-chip basecoat primer, so I put it on then put basecoat, color, topcoat. Im not quite sure how that works against chipping, lol but Ill give it a try. Do you guys want to see my whole collection swatched??

Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 Question Holiday Tag & BlogHop!

How it works

Starts: December 1st

Ends: December 31st

If you have a blog: Answer the 10 questions below. Post it on your blog with image. Add the link of your post in the bloghop below. Bam, your done!

If you don't have a blog: Answer the 10 questions below in the comments section. Ta da, your done!

Holiday Tag

1. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
My favorite part is all the baking!

2. What is one of your family traditions?
Opening pajamas on christmas eve and wearing them. Been doing it as long as i can remember.

3. Whats your go to polish or nail art design?
Blues! I love the snow and winter and cold so i always end up doing frosty manis

4. What holiday(s) do you celebrate?

5. One thing you REALLY want for Christmas?
An iPad. My boyfriend is getting one from his parents so ill just live vicariously through him!

6. Best gift you have received?
Best gift would have to be this year, we bought the new ps3 thats bigger and its our gift to each other for christmas.

7. Where would you like to spend the holidays?
Ideally somewhere with snow. Its snowed maybe once on christmas in texas haha.

8. Have you ever made a snowman, snow furniture, or a snow angel?
Yes, no and yes!

9. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?
Christmas gift? Who knows lol. But i did get hangers for my birthday this year which is still puzzling me.

10. Whats your favorite holiday cookie?
normally im a chocolate chip girl but i love sugar cookies in the winter.

I tag YOU!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Sale

So I've decided to clean out my collection of stuff ive ever never used and dont see myself ever using, or stuff ive used and just didnt look good on me or didnt like.

All items are for sale or swap, make an offer on them to

 All brand new, LE NOPI Justin Bieber collection.

 Seche Vite, used once. OPI Show it and glow it, never used. Essie Smokin Hot, used once. China Glaze For Audrey, used once.

all brand new - Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, 414 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang!, 409 Good to Grape, 370 Commandeer in Chic, Buttercup

all brand new- Maybelline Color Show, Blue Freeze 350, Paint The Town 260, Go Go Green 340, also selling Bold Gold, used once (its in my suitcase from vacation under the bed i think haha.)

So ill be taking offers, and doing shipping based on the swap or sale price. I could list some of these on ebay but i would rather sell them to followers/people in the groups im in!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Diamond Dust manicure tutorial using Essie

So I got Where's My Chauffeur and Set In Stones from Essie the other day and wanted to do a post over it! i love the color, very similar to China Glaze For Audrey but definitely closer to Tiffany blue than CG did. Set In Stones is a wonderful multi-sized chunky glitter from the luxeffects collection, and i love it, this is the 3rd mani I've used it in since I bought it last week! Everything runs smoothly!

So this is my first tutorial video so if anyone has any feedback for me that would be very very wonderful (: and yes you all converted me over to blog spot since tumblr isnt having quite the hype i hoped, but i will make thie blog look pretty, mark my words!